The Long Run Business Services Process

Process Principles

At Long Run Business Services, we have a few core principles that enable us to add value to your business every step of the way.

Having spent time in hundreds of businesses, one thing is constant: every business owner or leader considers their business unique. And they are all correct. While many businesses share similar problems that can be addressed with familiar solutions, the specifics depend very much on the details and unique inner workings of your business. Therefore, our approach is to work closely with the experts in your business and develop them to learn new skills in the process.

We believe in the power of SMART goals and effective measurements to guide our improvement actions. We work closely with clients to select or establish clear goals and measurements early in the process, because proceeding without them would be like racing the INDY 500 without instrumentation.

It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. The source of this quote is not universally agreed upon, but we certainly agree with the definition. If we want to change an output or result, we must try changing some inputs, and we work closely with your team to identify the right changes to trial in search of higher performance.

Underpinning our entire approach is respect for people. This means listening to people as they share the challenges they face in their daily work, providing the tools and support for them to do well, and fostering a learning culture where feedback is considered a gift.

The Boring Part

Our engagement process typically begins with a conversation about your business needs, challenges, and opportunities. We discuss the drivers for change, the strategic implications, and even the personal motivations. We also appreciate learning what actions or steps have already been taken to address the situation. 

If we agree to explore a potential partnership further, we will schedule an assessment to dig deeper into the situation and begin identifying a plan to address. An assessment is typically ½ to one full day on site, where we spend time observing the process and interviewing key stakeholders and employees. Outputs from the assessment include specific tools or approaches we recommend, potential benefits associated with the changes, and approximate timeline for implementation.

Following presentation of the assessment findings, we develop a formal proposal at your request. Our work structure typically blends on-site implementation support with remote follow-up and coaching. The frequency and duration depend on the specifics of the opportunity as well as the desired pace of change. Faster change requires more involvement, particularly early in the process.

This summary is intended to give you a broad idea of what to expect, however our solutions are customized to fit your specific needs.

How we Work.

Our typical engagement combines on-site implementation support with remote coaching and execution support. The flexibility of remote technology is undeniable, but we believe there is no substitute for time spent on the front lines of your business.

Our “sales process” is collaborative. We value connecting with business leaders and working together to identify areas of opportunity when the time is right.

We strive to earn our keep in every minute spent on your business, and believe that goals and measurements provide necessary focus and clarity to that end.

We bill a flat hourly rate for most of our engagements, however the specific budget varies based on scope and the pace of improvement desired.

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