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Long Run Business Services is a business improvement firm focusing on small to midsize companies in the Greater Louisville, KY area. The business was started out of a passion for driving improvements in all types of operations and developing lasting relationships in the process. We deploy a proven set of tools and techniques and engage people at all levels of the organization to achieve your most important goals. If your business makes things, builds things, moves things, or stores things, we can help you unlock value and reach new levels of performance.

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Assess. Implement. Manage.


While the scope will vary, these services can be considered “point solutions” to a specific need in your business. As with all of our services, we emphasize developing people to achieve new levels of individual and business performance.

Process Improvement | Waste Elimination | Standardized Work Development | Team Leader Development | Continuous Improvement

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Assess. Implement. Manage.

Thoughts and Insights

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How we Work.

Our typical engagement combines on-site implementation support with remote coaching and execution support. The flexibility of remote technology is undeniable, but we believe there is no substitute for time spent on the front lines of your business.

Our “sales process” is collaborative. We value connecting with business leaders and working together to identify areas of opportunity when the time is right.

We strive to earn our keep in every minute spent on your business, and believe that goals and measurements provide necessary focus and clarity to that end.

We bill a flat hourly rate for most of our engagements, however the specific budget varies based on scope and the pace of improvement desired.

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